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Stained Glass

Stained Glass

  • Af Sarah Burrill
  • Udgivelse 08-08-2000
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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In June 1992 Sarah began work on her first recorded effort as a solo artist. The debut full length album, Stained Glass, was released nationwide in October 1993 on Feather Records, an independent record label based in the Boston, MA area and produced by Lauren Passarelli &Cindy Brown a powerful production team based in Boston as well. She describes the music contained therein as 'intelligent pop,' and even a cursory listening bears that out. Firmly rooted in the basic guitar and voice form of traditional singer/songwriters, her debut nonetheless boasts an impressive pop sensibility, combining finely-crafted song structures that don't skimp on good melodic hooks with lyrics that are literate and often thought-provoking as well. The instrumentation is eclectic, always appropriate, while Burrill's vocal style can be throaty and seductive one moment, sweetly innocent and lilting the next. The overall 'vibe' is up-beat and introspective, the sound fresh and contemporary. - Mark Mantho (© 1993) Stained Glass contains all-original material and features Burrill playing acoustic guitar and singing lead vocals. Backing her up is a full electric band. Her music has been described as both introspective and light-hearted, leaning more toward classic pop than pure folk. The strong melodic and lyrical content of Burrill's songs has also been praised. She has received great national & international reviews for her debut. Read what others have said: Her songs are attractively lyrical, with an almost child like charm. 'Falling' shows a sincere vulnerability in the face of relationships, while 'One For Me' calls out cliche' love sentiments inside an irresistible blues beat. Her laid back approach is lulling, Burrill just sits back and enjoys the music, and expects listeners to do the same. - Miles McMahon, Pitch News & Entertainment Weekly [a] refreshing blend of scintillating guitar &sophisticated songwriting...There is a sincerity & power to her can experience the strength of this woman's words. - Molly Lane, Syracuse New Times This is a stunning piece of work by acoustician Sarah Burrill. Her lyrics are a powerful image maker for the listener while her soothing voice and guitar playing sets the stage for each song's unveiling. The CD is also well-recorded and owes a sonic thanks to Lauren Passarelli & Cindy Brown (Two Tru). Many acoustic artists may come and go but Sarah Burrill has the ability to stick with a great collection of songs and equally capable delivery. - Metronome Magazine.


Kunstner: Sarah Burrill
Titel: Stained Glass
Genre: Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 08-08-2000
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 766477930126
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