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(With CD)
  • Af Karbholz
  • Udgivelse 26-03-2021
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media Format LP
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LP + CD. KÄRBHOLZ is one of the most successful German speaking rock bands of the last 10 years. Since their foundation in 2003, the four guys from the quiet Ruppichteroth (a small town near Cologne) have managed to continuously raise their level of popularity. The logical consequence were regular chart successes in the past years. With the switch to Metalville Records and the album "Karma" in 2015, position #7 made it into the German Top Ten for the first time. With the longplayer "Überdosis Leben", released in 2017, they even just missed the pole position of the official charts in Germany with #2. The following album "Herz & Verstand", released in 2019, reached #3. The music of Kärbholz contains influences from rock, punk and indie. The musicians themselves as well as the fans call their sound full throttle Rock 'n' Roll. Over the years, the band has also gained a reputation as an exciting live act whose straight, charismatic and raw sound full of emotionality inspires a wide audience. A circumstance that regularly leads to sold-out tours in their home country. Since 2006 Kärbholz have been organising their own open air festival called "Heimspiel" (Home game). What began with 50 fans and friends has developed over time into a nationally known two-day event with several thousand visitors. In the new songs on "Kontra."(Counterpoint) the melancholy of the last album has given way to a positive atmosphere of departure. More untamed, riff heavier and louder. At the same time, a look back to the early albums, on which the punk elements were given more freedom, was also possible. On their new album Kärbholz didn't go in search of the big musical change but tried to filter out the essence of the past 15 years of band history and to plant it in every single track. Songs like "Niemals Fallen" could also come from the first album. "Rückenwind" on the other hand reminds of the mood on the album "Rastlos", whereas pieces like "Schlaflos" or "Ewig Leben" draw the connection via the album "Überdosis Leben" to the present. But of course there are also new accents on "Kontra." From the Irish Folk Punker "Red Wine" to the resting point of the album "Voran" sung by guitarist Adrian Kühn. But also the crossover cudgel "Leben und Tod", on which Matthi, singer of the Belgian hardcore formation NASTY contributes some banging lines, has found it's deserved place on Kontra. "Kontra." will surely extend the further journey of the band by another milestone in their career.


Kunstner: Karbholz
Titel: Kontra.
Genre: Rock
Attributter: With CD
Udgivelsesdato: 26-03-2021
Etiket: Metalville
Antal diske: 2
Media Format: LP
UPC: 4250444188130