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John Wayne's West in Music & Poster Art /  Various

John Wayne's West in Music & Poster Art / Various

(Boxed Set, Bonus DVD, Special Packaging)
  • Af Various Artists
  • Udgivelse 16-11-2009
  • Musikgenre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Pris: kr. 1.482,44

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10 CD / DVD Box in LP slipcase with large 464-page hardcover book, the most comprehensive tribute release to the man they called 'Duke' and who died 30 years ago. John Wayne is no longer alive, but he's not forget he is still one of the three most popular film actor of all time. - the set includes: The film music of his unforgettable Western! All titles of songs the original artists! Songs that were inspired by Wayne movies! a 464-page book with a John Wayne film biography of the scientist Richard W. Bann. The book also contains reproductions of hundreds of movie posters from various countries, posters and stills! Bonus: A DVD with movie trailers and behind the scenes shots! - An actor-personality of the stature of John Wayne has earned such a publication is enough already! - John Wayne was America. And the United States, yes, even the whole world, John Wayne has never forgotten. Thirty years after his death belongs to the man they called 'Duke', is still three of the most popular U.S. movie stars of all time. More than any other actor, he took roles that ur-American values and the glorified not his personal image harm. Never apologize, he said, for example, in 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon', because this is a sign of weakness. Just as was John Wayne, and this is also the John Wayne, as we present it here as a center of his film music and poster art, based on his many memorable westerns. - This 10 CD / 1 DVD edition includes the rousing soundtrack of his favorite Western (including 'The Searchers',' the Alamo ',' the Sons of Katie Elder "and" True Grit "). Among the performers who were involved in the original film scores include the Sons of the Pioneers, Glen Campbell, the Limeliters, Ed Ames, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins and many others. There are also extra songs that were inspired by John Wayne movies, such as Frankie Avalon the Ballad of the Alamo, Gene Pitney the Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Claude King's the Comancheros. The extra DVD contains trailers and clips of scenes behind the scenes. - in addition, a further highlight of this set belongs to a 464-page hardcover book (Collectors Edition!) Reproduced with a John Wayne biography of the renowned film scholar Richard W. Bann, and several hundred movie posters, posters and stills in captivating Colors! The artistic and graphical implementation authentically captures courage and audacity, boldness and recklessness of John Wayne's American West. The posters are from the U.S. and many other countries such as Argentina, Japan, Australia, England, Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy and Sweden. This is by far the most comprehensive ever published compilation of the so-effective music and graphic art in the context of the Western classics, John Wayne!


Kunstner: Various Artists
Titel: John Wayne's West in Music & Poster Art / Various
Genre: Country
Attributter: Boxed Set, Bonus DVD, Special Packaging
Udgivelsesdato: 16-11-2009
Etiket: Bear Family Germany
Antal diske: 11
Media Format: CD
UPC: 4000127167392
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