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What She Wants

What She Wants

  • Af Cory Brammer
  • Udgivelse 17-06-2003
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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In a lot of ways Cory Brammer is a typical seventeen year-old. He's got spikey hair, watches The Simpsons, and plays video games. He's an 'A' student in high school and a member of the National Honor Society. He just happens to be one of the top five rock guitarists in North America*. Cory Brammer got his first guitar at age eight, and showed rapid progress by age nine with his first lessons. By twelve, Cory had his first gig, and joined the band 32leaves at fourteen. In the past three years, Cory Brammer & 32leaves have performed more than 250 shows in five states. Cory's guitar playing brings to mind the soulful passion of Warren Haynes and Jimi Hendrix, while full of the technical wizardry of Vinnie Moore and Eric Johnson. By learning from the past greats, Cory is forging his own sound and his own musical ideas. On his latest CD with 32leaves, What She Wants, Cory wrote or co-wrote seven of the songs. Beyond his ability to play blistering and innovative leads with his guitar behind his head, Cory excels at more than just music. He recently won top honors in a competition for DECA, a marketing student organization, and is a member of Mu Alpha Theta for his A-average in his math classes. He has taken up golf, and can insert an appropriate Simpsons or Monty Python quote into most any conversation. Actually, Cory Brammer is anything but a typical teenager. He's a sincere and genuinely nice young man, full of enthusiasm for his music. He handles his incredible gifts with humility, and pours his heart into every performance. In the words of Roanoke, Virginia's City Magazine, '[Cory] is constructing a career that will enchant the masses, and has created buzz that shows no signs of slowing.'


Kunstner: Cory Brammer
Titel: What She Wants
Genre: Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 17-06-2003
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 632185505126
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