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Once upon a Time there was a King who was very cool and his name was Chris. He played guitar and wrote songs in bands like Hardsoul Poets, Fireball XL-5, Neglected Sheep and the Firesheep, (house band at The Perch comedy skit club). While with the Firesheep, he wrote songs like 'Eunuchs','Dysfunctional Family Blues' and a song that landed him an appearance on 'Bob and Sheri' called 'The Traffic Song'. The song was an instant hit on morning radio. The repeated phrase 'green means go' became a mantra in cities up and down the east coast. Meanwhile, Cool King Chris worked on an album of original pop songs recorded at the Hooverama studio in Charlotte. Produced by Jamie Hoover the album 'Heard It Before' received rave reviews by such publications as 'Amplifier Magazine' and 'Buckets full of Brains' in London England. Signed to Jam Records and creating his own Courthouse Records label only propelled the growing buzz of his coolness further. Even though things were bubbling up from the underground scene about CKC, the momentum of his funny songs on the now nationally syndicated 'Bob and Sheri Show' began to blow his sails in a different direction. 'We've had many of our listeners write in to say that you should go with the funny songs...and our listeners are never wrong' said Sheri Lynch. After this and constant fan mail requesting copies of the songs performed on the show, CKC along with Max and Todd of 'Bob and Sheri' compiled a CD of Cool Kings funniest songs. The Album 'Cat-Man-Don't' has become a favorite amongst fans of the 'Bob and Sheri Show'. This has also exposed Cool King's 'Heard It Before' album to a whole new audience. The kingdom of Cool King Chris continues to expand and grow. Slowly and surely this conqueror of the humorous groove spreads to more and more across the globe. Join the quest. See the future. Be, BE the future. From the Queen City, there comes a King, and his name is Cool.


Kunstner: Cool King Chris
Titel: Cat-Man-Don't
Genre: Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 17-07-2001
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502082517


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