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All Hell Cant Stop Us

All Hell Cant Stop Us

  • Af Cookie
  • Udgivelse 03-12-2002
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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"Courtney Love wishes she had half the talent of Cookie's Sabrina RockArena" The Stranger "Cookie play sexy muscle car rock, sleazy C&W dancing naked with glittery flash metal. They're like some kind of girl powered Supersuckers, roots rock gone all evil, like the devil in a calico dress. Sabrina RockArena's the best friend that you really, really want to make out with, the cool chick that can get you into and thrown out of, every swinging joint in town . . " New York Waste "Chaotic, beer-soaked, wicked rock 'n roll your parents wouldn't approve of, Cookie is anything but an after school treat. They're head-splitting, guitar fueled rocking machines, speeding down the highway at 110mph forcing you to either jump in the car or get run over. They crank out damn good nuggets of rock, put on a damn good show and make you want to piss yourself because you're so drunk but don't want to miss a thing. In short, they're what rock 'n roll should embody but hasn't in quite some time." In Music We Trust, Alex Steininger "Cookie is the male rock fan's ultimate wet dream." The Rocket This group has got the sound of mainstream punk down. A little like Offspring, but with female vocals. It's damn catchy, though. And they've held their own over the past couple of years, even playing on the macho-laden Warped Tour." Shredding Paper, Laura Davis "Cookie is everyones favorite punk trio and, now that Xena has retired, Sabrina RockArena is the hero this world needs. " Seattle Weekly "HAVE ANOTHER COOKIE: One of our favorite "finds" of last year was All Hell Can't Stop Us by West Coast punkers Cookie (Continental Drift, July 26, 2001). The set was a thoroughly satisfying collection that combined raucous power chords with good-humored lyrics and a future star in frontwoman Sabrina RockArena â?? a charismatic belter whose voice conjures fond images of Deborah Harry and Patsy Cline. With the spankin' new Sweat Soaked & Satisfied, the band comes on stronger and more creatively focused. Nearly every song here has a sharply drawn chorus and a melody that permanently sticks to the brain upon impact. There's lots here for college and modern rock radio programmers to grab onto â?? and, needless to say, this is a wise option for A&R execs to explore." Billboard Magazine, Senior Editor, Larry Flick "Texacala Jones takes a stab at fronting Motley Crue. The results are glorious. " Hit List "Sabrina RockArena, the gingery front woman for Seattle-based rock & roll band Cookie, is an innate rock star. Guitarist Jayme Layme is so darn Nicholas Cagey is his safety-pinned leather pants you'll think you're watching a sequel to Valley Girl." OC Weekly, Arrissia Owen.


Kunstner: Cookie
Titel: All Hell Cant Stop Us
Genre: Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 03-12-2002
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 660355505720


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