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Worship Live

Worship Live

  • Af Charity Chapman
  • Udgivelse 28-09-2004
  • Musikgenre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Stuff on me... I was born in Pensacola, Florida (bout' as deep south as you can get) where I ate lots of fried catfish, biscuits and shrimp. My parents were tired of the heat and made their way with my sister and me to Colorado, where I finished growing up. I lived in a great spot in a valley near the mountains. I rode bikes. I climbed trees and played in a sewage run-off stream for years, which may explain a lot of my problems now.....but, who could know Colorado would be such an incredible place. And so full of music... I went to an extremely competitive musical high school and developed my chops with a great choir director. And yes, choir is cool. I came out to California to become a broadway star, but discovered, upon arrival, that NEW YORK is the Broadway place. Again, who knew??? I thought it was all one and the same! I decided to wait on the whole Broadway thing, 'cuz I was writing music and loving it and went to Pepperdine to get and a degree in music, 'cuz they gave me some money to do so. I got to the Malibu Vineyard, which was conveniently located near Pepperdine and watched and learned from some great musicians. Worship Live came from the same church that brought you Lifehouse, Kendall Payne and Kate Miner. And it's also is the same church, which is now famous (and infamous) for it's church splits and creative people. Most of whom are not celebrities, including myself, just normal people. Speaking of normal.... I just had a baby. So gloriously rounded (for the moment) and happy and content to eat lots of chocolate. But, music is still on my mind..... Which brings me to you. You're the buying public. Why should you buy this album? 'Cuz it's really, really good and it will make you feel better in your day and it will give you a new song to sing..... Charity P.S. Here are some fun quotes from some European DJ's: 'Full of promise and potential on great praise and worship songs' Paul Davis, NCM Executive Director, Broadcaster and Journalist,UK 'Very good, very earthy sound' Malcolm Clarke, RadioNorthwick,UK 'Wishful and dreamy - and then it lights up' Bryan Chalker, Journalist,UK 'An injection spiritual uplift into my radio show' John Morris, Trust AM,UK 'Great track' James Pearson, BBC RadioShetland,Scotland.


Kunstner: Charity Chapman
Titel: Worship Live
Genre: Gospel
Udgivelsesdato: 28-09-2004
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479010279


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