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Making Up for Lost Time

Making Up for Lost Time

  • Af Butta Bing
  • Udgivelse 17-12-2002
  • Musikgenre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Butta Bing hails from Jacksonville, Florida. His music reflects the lifestyle he lives not what he aspires to be or what he fantasizes about being. Butta was incarcerated at age 17 held by the United States of America until 18 and was sentence to 96 months on charges of Bank Robbery. You do the math it's 2003 he was convicted in 1996. Eleven days after release but still incarcerated in a Community Corrections Program a.k.a halfway house. Butta set out and recorded 'Making Up For Lost Time'. Amazingly, ya boy had never entered a recording studio up until that time. Within two and half weeks his album was completed. Not in a hurry up fashion, Butta has created, perhaps, what will go down in hip-hop, gangsta rap history as being one of the greatest albums of all times. Some what reminiscent of the classic Notorious B.I.G album 'Ready to Die', I hate to draw comparisons inevitably there must be some. So to put Making up For Lost Time on a level, I would definitely have to say this kid has the potential to be the next big name in hip-hop. No doubt, there is a distinct difference between the style and flows of the three lyricist, I still would definitely have to classify Butta Bing in the category of Pac and Biggie. In a time and era where there is so much imitation in hip-hop it is soul moving to finally see a emcee. Who can take it back to the basics of creativity, without disassociating himself from the streets and the struggle. It's almost scary to see a young man with so much experience and wisdom about the streets. He will definitely leave you with a questions lingering in your head about how real these rap cats are keeping it. In his own words Butta Bing describes himself as someone who's been through hell and came out with understanding. He's not just another rapper yapping about the struggle he also provides you with a solution to the problem. How deep is that? You be the judge!!!!


Kunstner: Butta Bing
Titel: Making Up for Lost Time
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Udgivelsesdato: 17-12-2002
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 659057483023


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