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Feelin Out of Time

Feelin Out of Time

  • Af Brian Molnar
  • Udgivelse 09-10-2007
  • Musikgenre Country
  • Media Format CD
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In his latest Avenue A Records release, 'Feelin' Out of Time,' Brian Molnar tunes the dial to a frequency coming in from somewhere beyond the crowded streets and minds of our times and channels a Folk/Americana style that feels progressive and rootsy at once; drawing from the future as much as the past and clearing it's own peaceful space in the chaotic present. In the verse of the title track he sings: 'There's no easy way to say, things have gone too far I'm not lost i'm not alone, I'm just sitting in this bar Looking through the walls, and looking out of place' This image of the common-man visionary lamenting better times past while maintaining the ability to see through the walls of his confinement, sets the tone of the record. It is a song (and album) about a relationship, but the emotions evoked are much more than that. They are the emotions of a movement that Molnar is a central part of: a burgeoning group New York City, Americana artists who are "looking through walls" of present-day musical pretense, conformity and sensationalism that have "gone too far" and brought a collective yawn to listeners in the city the never sleeps and beyond. Sonically and lyrically, 'Feelin' Out of Time,' is a record very much in and of the present, but not the present that is. Rather, it is a record of the present that 'might be'-that prettier past or future that, in one way or another, moves each of us to become whatever we are. Though Brian Molnar and his Avenue A Records label-mates may be correct to be "feelin' out of time," this record is proof that indeed, it is not too late to find music that is real and timeless in these strange times. © 2007 Brian Molnar.


Kunstner: Brian Molnar
Titel: Feelin Out of Time
Genre: Country
Udgivelsesdato: 09-10-2007
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101410489


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