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Is This Your Pill?

Is This Your Pill?

  • Af Blankety Blank
  • Udgivelse 01-03-2005
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Blankety Blank's 'Is This Your Pill?' has become an UNDERGROUND CULT CLASSIC since it's release in late 2003. Mixing a blend of bold, swaggering guitar hooks, unforgetable melodies, heavenly harmonies, and lyrical depth, 'Is This Your Pill?' sounds like something you've heard before, yet is so unique, that it can only be Blankety Blank... Songs like 'Twisting the Knife', won a prestigious Semi-Finalist Award in the International Songwriting Competition in 2004. HEAR WHAT THE PRESS HAS TO SAY: JEN'S AURAL FIXATION * THE CHICK'S PICKS (May 17, 2004 - June 6, 2004) * Well now...I'm happy to say, my trip to the 10 High Club in Atlanta gave me a great new band to dig on! I've been spinning this disc for the past couple weeks now! I love it more every time I listen to it! These Atlanta guys have a very unique mix of 80s pop/rock with a little dash of pop-punk with some Queen undertones...what a lethal combination! I love punk...and of course, anything 80s...and I'm all about mixing it up with some old school rock-age! And baby...they've got hooks galore... BABYSUE Feb, 2004. Blankety Blank - Is This Your Pill? (Independently released CD, Bubblegum pop/rock) Charged up bubblegummy rock that is so upbeat and ultimately dandy that you can't help but smile and tap your tootsies. Is This Your Pill? is a wonderfully invigorated dose of big happy funtime . The album is almost completely out of touch with what is currently popular among average idiot music listeners...and that is most certainly a feather in the band's hat. The four men in Blankety Blank write and record wonderfully uplifting pure pop music with soaring melodies that sound not unlike Jeremy Morris . They are not afraid of sounding upbeat and positive...their songs are instantly addictive...and the vocals are absolutely out-of-sight (!!!). The album is short...consisting of a mere nine tunes...but within the confines of those nine tunes, these guys convey more ideas and feelings than 95% of everyone else out there. A truly keen little band to keep an eye on. In this comfy little campground, Blankety Blank is an instant HIT. Killer cuts include '5 Minutes Ago,' '#1 Fan,' 'Is This Your Pill?,' and 'You Come Through.' (Rating: 5+) ('out of 6) David Bash-International Pop Overthrow Thank you very much for sending Is This Your Pill. As you may imagine, I receive hundreds of CDs from IPO applicants each year, but yours is one of the best ones I've ever gotten from someone who contacted me cold. I'm mighty impressed!


Kunstner: Blankety Blank
Titel: Is This Your Pill?
Genre: Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 01-03-2005
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 649544044424


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