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Sonora Farewell

Sonora Farewell

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Sonora Farewell is the most creative gem of the band to date. The songs were collected from Cds that have been sold out of print for over 5 or more years. The CD contains some of the best loved songs from the bands first album, The Forgotten Fields of America'. The song 'When I held you', put the band on the map by getting played on many Country-Western stations in California. The DJ's liked the sound because it was Old-School Country and had a very romantic twist in the words. The title song, Sonora Farewell, was an original by band memeber Patrick michael Karnahan. The song was based on a miner from Sonora Mexico who had to leave his new found home of Sonora California during the Gold Rush. Patrick and Rick are both featured on background Trumpets while their friend Noe Montoya gives the romantic ballad a Spanish feel. The rich voice of long time band member Steve McArthur gives the Old English Love Ballad, 'Georgie', a very haunting feel. This is the oldest traditional song the Black Irish have done. (1600s). The CD offers the listner a chance to explore the history of the band through some of their most creative work. The whole concept of love & loss flow together in forming a single thought. Full of rich vocals and instrumental breaks, this album is a must for Black Irish Fans! Hailing from the historic Gold Rush Country of America, the Black Irish Band of seventeen years, have a musical style that is as timeless as the rugged landscape of the west, a tribute to the people whose lives were spent building the world we now take for granted. The band has a large compliment of traditional maritime and railroad music, as well as ethnic tunes in their repertoire. They excel at Irish, Italian, and American folk music with an assortment of original songs and traditional western ballads. The bands musical style captures the spirit of the immigrants of this land, the men and women who tamed the Wild West. To date the band has produced 16 CD albums and have recorded 82 original song ballads. Their latest, Into the Fire, honors America's Firefighters. The Black Irish Band teamed up with the nation's number one Cowboy Singer, Michael Martin Murphey, in the production of the album. The new CD will also feature a music video with Murphey and the band for a summer 2007 CMT Television release. Highlights The Black Irish Band has gained much national attention over the years. In 2005 the band was hired by the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and performed at the National Mall and Kennedy Center. The band was featured on CBS 'This Morning'. In 2000 the band headlined at the International Music Festival in Singapore. The band also was the featured performers for the 100th Anniversaries of the Alaskan Gold Rush and White Pass & Yukon Railroad. Because of the historical nature of the Black Irish Band many venues such as, the Alaska History Museum, Golden Spike NHS, Gene Autry Museum, Elko Folklife Center, the Los Angels, San Diego, and San Francisco Maritime Museums have headlined the group in the past. Timeless, historic, original, and entertaining to all ages the Black Irish Band is like no other band! From the fire of the fiddle & accordion, to the blend of five strong voices, the Black Irish Band is a very original class act! With 70,000 albums sold independently to date & 17 years of performance this band is not to be missed! - The Music of Ireland, Italy, and America. Quotes about the Black Irish Band: "The Black Irish Band have created some great songs"- Michael Martin Murphey "A very talented group that brings history alive"- Smithsonian Folklife Festival "The Black Irish Band's performance is of the highest standard" - The Museum of America & the Sea.


Kunstner: Black Irish Band
Titel: Sonora Farewell
Genre: Country
Udgivelsesdato: 01-01-2008
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 695677024222
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