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Biker Joe Warren

Biker Joe Warren

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BIKER JOE WARREN 'RIDES AGAIN' Biker Joe Warren, (Warren Joseph Etchison), comes at you with raunchy, in-your-face lyrics and expert musicianship on his debut album, Biker Joe Warren - featuring cult classics like, 'I Wanna Be a Gynecologist', 'Dingleberry Blues', 'Hershey Highway' and 'Darlin' You Sure Give Good Head'. Biker Joe's great songs, with their zany humor, represent adult entertainment at it's very best. At age seventeen, Baltimore native Joe Warren joined the army and being the true American patriot that he was volunteered to serve in Vietnam, where he collected a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. To his dying day, Joe still wore the symbol of his troop. After returning home in 1969, never being politically correct, Joe, like so many before him. Was caught up in the petty struggles of those times and was busted for a joint and a half of lousy Mexican weed and sentenced to five years of hard labor. Being a man's man, Biker Joe left with his sphincter muscle in tact and the respect of his peers. Being a model prisoner, Joe served only two years of his sentence. Though not surprising, it was a fertile time for Joe in prison because he wrote poetry which later became the lyrics for many of his future songs. In 1971, Joe Warren brought his music to the live stage, playing Baltimore clubs and coffee houses. Just as his name was becoming known, Joe fell in love, married, and left his music behind for a number of years. Only after a serious mountain climbing accident that left him bedridden for eighteen months did Joe return to songwriting where he penned many of his greatest songs. Sex, cycles (he idolized Harley Davidsons) and his unique lifestyle formed the basis for most of his material. After developing a rabid fan base in the Mid Atlantic area following his recovery, Biker Joe was signed by indie Rampant Records in 1985 where he recorded and released his first album-- Biker Joe Warren with much fanfare and success. In the biker community, Joe became a cult hero and sold thousands of records all across America. For years thereafter, Biker Joe was a favorite at the biggest biker events around like Daytona Beach, Sturgess and the Harley Rendezvous. In the summer of 1996 Joe re-signed with Rampant Records to re-release his classic first album and to assemble material for a second. Before he could start this project, he was involved in a serious accident and moved to his mother's in Virginia to recover. Shortly after his recovery while cruising on the highway, Warren Joseph Etchison was struck and killed by an 18 wheeler. Posthumously, his first album has been released with several memorable new songs. Joe Warren's music is hilarious, rude and appealing, not only to the biker audience, but to people who 'tell it like it is' everywhere. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him, but he will live on forever through his music. © 2001 - 2004 Rampant Records. All rights reserved. ----- Biker Joe Warren Web site created by: Skymarshall Productions.


Kunstner: Biker Joe Warren
Titel: Biker Joe Warren
Genre: Folk
Udgivelsesdato: 22-04-2005
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 791022244922


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