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Bird in a Beehive

Bird in a Beehive

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On a cold winter's night, February 10, 1996, to be exact, two young lads (Jon Kashetta and Chad Wright) perchance to start recording humorous audio snippets for their own amusement utilizing keyboards, electronic toys, hoots, hollars, and screams. Anything in sight was a percussion instrument... Fast forward to today; well... pretty much the same, except 10 times louder. Beer and Pretzels is now Kashetta on guitars/vocals and Wright on guitars/vocals/keyboards/samples along with very creative drummer Joshua Updegrove, and real bassist Jon Wertman. Beer and Pretzels hails from the heart of the great state of Pennsylvania. It consists of four very different personalities and musical backgrounds that clash together in a vicious aural bloodbath that results in what you are hearing. Some may call it an acquired taste; others are confused. We assure you, everything is fine. Do not adjust your TV set, or speakers for that matter. Sometimes the band itself is unsure of what it is they do, but they have fun with it; and isn't that what it's all about? Having traveled extensively across the great state of Pennsylvania, as well as parts of New Jersey, Maryland, and West Virginia; Beer and Pretzels wants to spread... well, whatever it is they do to as many people as possible. The newest album, Bird in a Beehive, is a culmination of almost two and a half years of writing and experimenting with doing our own digital recordings. The final product is more technical and musically diverse than any other album we've ever released, which is what we said about our last album, and is probably what we'll say about our next. We continue to improve our playing and become more experimental.


Kunstner: Beer & Pretzels
Titel: Bird in a Beehive
Genre: Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 04-11-2008
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 845029025395


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