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Write Me in Metal/ Make Me Forever

Write Me in Metal/ Make Me Forever

  • Af Bayta Darell
  • Udgivelse 24-01-2006
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Bayta Darell was formed in response to an increasing desire to discover and expand the boundaries of our own musical gifts as well as realize the deeper passions that had previously gone unsatisfied by our endeavors within the realms of music. Sometimes referred to as 'a band based on science fiction,' Bayta Darell is comprised of four males who have been playing together since the group was berthed in the summer of 2003 and have been close friends from the start. We have always practiced in the church where we met, and growing up in church, religion and Christianity have had a large impact on who we are as people, but our music doesn't fall into any category that Christian music has to offer, nor do our lyrics reflect the building in which they were written. As a band, we draw inspiration from all manner of places, including books and stories, movies, nature, society, and our own successes and failures at 'life.' Most of our common influences would fall into the 'indie rock' or 'post rock' genres, but some of the bands who have had the most influence over time would be The Prayer Chain, Starflyer59, My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros, The Beach Boys, and Mogwai. We feel that being genrefied would do more harm than good for Bayta Darell, however, and we seek to find freedom in expression rather than the structure of classification which is why our songs range from long instrumental movements to short love songs. Each song Bayta Darell writes has significant emotional relevance for us, and we can only hope that it shows as we perform. But we hold beauty above all else, and we strive to make something beautiful every day we come together as a band. For beauty is, in essence, what Bayta is to us. The romantic ideal that there is something of true beauty that is ours and if we find it, it will be forever. Visit to read a review of this album.


Kunstner: Bayta Darell
Titel: Write Me in Metal/ Make Me Forever
Genre: Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 24-01-2006
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 628740772928


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