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From the Inside

From the Inside

  • Af The Bayleys
  • Udgivelse 26-05-2009
  • Musikgenre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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The Bayleys, a Louisville-based band-oriented duo, formed in 2007 almost by happenstance. Wade and Kelley came from different musical backgrounds and types of participation stretched over 30 years, and both had incredibly eclectic interests in many forms of music. This variety shows in their first release, "From the Inside," with influences from folk, to rock, to pop, to country, to jazz. With the help of an incredible array of musicians, they've created a CD that is sometimes warm, sometimes angry, and sometimes introspective. As they move forward, it would be a mistake to think their growth has ended with this release. It is more of a starting point from which to view the incredible vistas music has to offer, both simple and complex. In their own words: Kelley: "I was ready to perform music and create an album that was a real expression of me, rather than what people pressured me to do. I have a lot of experience in being told what to sing, and I got to spread my wings this time. I felt a connection with every song, and every stage, from Louisville Recording Arts, to the musicians, to Wade, the love of my life, and I have felt incredibly empowered and accepted. I love this music, and I hope others do, too." Wade: "One of the musicians on this CD said at one time, 'I just want to make beautiful music.'" That's the best synopsis of how I feel. I don't care about guitar-orientation, keyboard-orientation, or anything else. I want to create music that people give themselves permission to feel. That, of course, includes Kelley, but also everyone who listens. One of the amazing connections I feel with Kelley is not only that I love her deeply, but that we share an openness about music (not necessarily evident from what we write and record) that has an amazing commonality. Truly, I am blessed to have her and all the people associated with this project in my life."


Kunstner: The Bayleys
Titel: From the Inside
Genre: Rock
Udgivelsesdato: 26-05-2009
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501144247


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