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Solo 3

Solo 3

  • Af B.E. Lahmon
  • Udgivelse 19-09-2006
  • Musikgenre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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This album is just another chapter on the goodness of Jesus we can never tell it all the ability to create music is truly a gift from God and like anything else that The Lord blesses us with we can either use it or lose it so I've chosen to use it. Also I'd like to thank The Lord for blessing and surrounding me with a few other gifted brothers and sisters such as ''COVENANT OF PRAISE, Bro. HUBBARD BROWN,WANDA H.ROSS and my daughter FAITH for helping to make good songs great songs. GIVING HIM PRAISE I just can't stop I just can't stop praising him (Repeat x 1) I've been through a whole lot of things But that's no excuse for not giving him praise (Repeat x 1) I've been been up and I've been down Sometimes my life seem like it's been leveled to the ground I've been lied on been misunderstood in the church sometimes when I've even tried to do good I come to tell you that CHORUS I'm gonna keep giving gonna keep giving him praise (Repeat x 1) SAY A LITTLE PRAYER FOR THE CHILDREN Too many young lives are cut short each and every day This should make you stop annd wonder does it really have to be this way. Innocent children can't fend for themselves My friend from you and I they need a lot of help So I'm asking you to say a little prayer for the children READ AND LISTEN (The Covenant Of Praise Ensemble) (featuring Faith L. Martin)(WRITTEN BY W.R.Stucky) God parted parted the red sea Making a way for The Israelites to flee Sacrifice your son Abraham An angel said no look there's a ram CHORUS Come on let's read and listen listen and read Read and listen believe and recieve (Repeat x 1) In every situation that you are in Whatever your problem give it to him My God shall supply all of your needs We are his children all from Adam's seed (Repeat CHORUS X 2) RAP (Faith L.Lahmon-Martin) Job was sick for so very long Cattle and children everything was gone Yes he lost everything he had Oh you got to know this made him sad But he kept on believing and trusting in God Just like he did from yhe very start He was so sick a step away from death But God reversed and gave him back his health Read and listen listen and read Read and listen believe and receive Now you know what my God can do Trust and believe he'll do the same for you Don't wait for trouble to call on his name Jesus Lord and Father one in the same (Repeat Chorus x1)


Kunstner: B.E. Lahmon
Titel: Solo 3
Genre: Gospel
Udgivelsesdato: 19-09-2006
Etiket: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479392566


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